Twitter Will Soon Let You Hit Snooze On Notifications

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Twitter has evolved from a simple 180 character status update, to a festering ground for political debates and opinions. Sure there’s still fun and games on the app, but it’s not too fun when the likes of President Donald Trump is actively using the platform for rants, which in turn sparks outrage among other users. Wouldn’t it be fun to turn some of these notifications off for once?

Granted there are measures to mute users and outright mute certain words and phrases, but even after all that, a trusted friend might just enter a tirade on the most recent political development. And with a previous update, Twitter users now get push notifications on recent tweets by close friends as well, which can amount to a lot if you are following a whole bunch of people.

Thanks to app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who uncovered evidence of being able to mute push notifications on the Android version of the app via a future update. This new feature will allow you to mute push notifications for one hour, three hours, or even twelve hours. While this is mainly for push notifications, you can still read up on all your notifications on the app itself.

Overall, this new feature is extremely useful for the rich and famous, and those who might have started a viral Tweet thread, and would just rather handle all of that at a later point of the day. Hopefully, we’ll see this feature implemented soon in a future update.