Twitter posts can now go up to 280 characters, prepare to be annoyed

A few select countries won't get this feature yet, however

Twitter continues its march toward morphing into Facebook with its latest move to bump up its 140-character limit to 280.

Update that app

The fastest way to see the change is on mobile, via an app update. It seems the change was rolled out with mobile app updates last night.

What's changed? You no longer get to see how many characters you have left - instead Twitter has changed the number indicator to a circle that 'fills up' when you have hit the limit.

Users in Japan, Korea and China might see a delay in getting the change though, as during the test period, Twitter found users in those countries didn't face issues with 'cramming' - stuffing as many words in each post.

As to whether your Twitter is going to be jam-packed with ultra-long statuses, Twitter claims that test users 'blessed' with the feature hardly used it at all. So don't expect long Facebook-length messages...except for maybe the first day or so after the Twitter statuses go live.