Twitter goes down but only for Android app users

Server issues also show current Tweets as being 365 days old on client Tweetdeck
Twitter goes down but only for Android app users

Problems with Twitter's official Android app has seen users be unable to use the service. At first, there were a lot of questions about whether the service was experiencing one of its classic 'fail whales' but for people using Twitter on the Web and non-Android phones, things were hunky-dory. Except of course if you were using Tweetdeck (also owned by Twitter) that dated Tweets to 365 days in the future.

Twitter users, including geek fave Wil Wheaton had fun 'Tweeting in the future' thanks to the Tweetdeck bug.

No, Twitter it's not 2015 yet

Twitter goes down but only for Android app users

The theory seems to be that it is likely the servers are mistakenly thinking that it is 2015 already. Besides the apps, Twitter is also seeing blank pages pop up on the mobile version of the site's webpage.

Twitter acknowledged the problems on its blog, saying that its engineers were working to fix the peculiar bugs.

If you're one of the users affected, just keep checking Twitter's official status updates page. Let's hope the company rectifies the issue quickly as New Year's is just around the corner. The peculiar bug will also mean that you can see on your Twitter timeline or even on Facebook which one of your friends are on Android as they'll be the ones complaining about being unable to Tweet.

Our prediction: that social media services are going to be inundated with requests so best send your holiday greetings earlier on New Year's Eve if you plan to Tweet or update your Facebook status. Or, you know, just text.

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[Source: The Verge]