Twitter eyes the music space again

The social media company might be inking a music deal soon
Twitter eyes the music space again

Twitter once tried to launch an app called Twitter Music for users to retrieve popular songs on the social media platform. But, that plan didn’t materialise well with its consumers and got axed early this year.

The micro blogging company might now, again, try to dip its toes into the music sphere, with talks circulating in the industry of an acquisition or partnership with music related start-ups. These talks are claimed to be still in the early stages.

One such possibility is Berlin-based start-up, SoundCloud, which is a music-sharing forum, while the other is California-based music recognition application, SoundHound.

Another prospect, which it’s looking into, is a partnership with London-based audio-recognition service, Shazam Entertainment, on developing a solution around TV viewing.

Building a user network

Twitter eyes the music space again

It's predictable that Twitter's been inching towards the music and entertainment sphere to amp up its user base and appeal to a larger target group. Reports indicate that Twitter has been struggling to entice new users at a rate that it once did.

And as part of that effort, it’s been sealing deals with music businesses, such as forging a deal with Billboard a few months ago that enables it to present diagrams of the most popular songs on its site. As has Facebook done by incorporating Spotify’s music-streaming service into its network.

We can’t help but compare Twitter’s strategy to the close-to ultimate marriage between Apple and Beats, which could be powered by the growth it’s seen from the iTunes music store’s popularity and iPod sales.

So if any of these speculated pacts pull through, it could be one heck of a deal for Twitter.

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