Twitter expands character limit just for quotes

New feature makes quotes look better and without eating up your word limit

Recently Twitter has made updates to its "quote tweet" functionality to let users write more about the original message they are retweeting.

More reason to Tweet and share

On Monday, the company announced that the update will embed the original tweet instead of displaying it in text only. So that means, in addition to the 140-character limit, the tweak will give users an extra 116 characters for commentary.

This update is released because Twitter wants to address a main complaint of their services, which is after a user has retweeted a post, he/she is left with little to no space on the post to write commentary. This is to boost the fact that Twitter is currently pushing for more user engagement in their products which will therefore yield increasing advertising revenue. Win-win, eh?

Also, Twitter announced a new feature that will be included in Twitter that would show users tweets from accounts that they do not follow, rather than just showing only tweets from accounts they follow, retweets and promoted tweets. Additionally, following their same goal of user engagement, there will be an added feature called Recap that recycles tweets deemed the most relevant to the user that were posted when the user “is away”.

[Source: CNet]