Twitch Launches Their Own Broadcasting Software, Twitch Studio

A huge boon to content creators on the platform.

Twitch was hit by a major loss recently, with their biggest star, Ninja, leaving the platform to exclusively stream on Microsoft’s own proprietary streaming app, Mixer. While there is a gap in the platform left by Ninja, Twitch is not giving up just yet on providing great service for the loyal content creators remaining.

One thing people who want to start streaming on Twitch will first find out is that Twitch itself doesn’t stream your footage onto the site; they may be the platform to showcase your streams, but most people will use a proprietary software like Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) to stream their footage, on top of connecting the relevant game capture devices, mics, and cameras for a stream. Well, now you don’t have to rely on third-party software to get your start on Twitch.

With Twitch Studio, you can immediately broadcast your game footage as well as your audio and video feed, directly onto the app with no middle man in between. Twitch’s own broadcasting software is aimed for creators to get their streams out quicker and as a way to give new streamers a better and easier start on the platform. 

Twitch Studio is out on beta right now and eager Twitch streamers can apply for the beta right here. Hopefully, with this new software in place, Twitch will find the next big streamer to replace Ninja on their platform.