Twitch founder releases The Drop: User-curated EDM lists

If you wanted a Reddit-like space for EDM recs without having to go into the morass that is Reddit, then get your jam on here
Twitch founder releases The Drop: User-curated EDM lists

Spotify might try, but sometimes its curated lists don't quite hit the spot for the more discerning music lover. If electronic dance is your thing, then Twitch co-founder Justin Kan has come up with his own solution to the 'I need new music to listen to' conundrom. Surf on over to The Drop, which is pretty much an online hangout where everyone can play DJ.

"But it's a lot like Soundcloud," you might think. Well, it's Soundcloud minus the endless searching for jams you might like. The Drop makes it easier to listen to songs upvoted by the community and as the service is fairly new, there aren't as yet a lot of tracks. But there are interesting, unofficial remixes of tracks of bigger names such as Coldplay and Ed Sheeran besides indie acts and lesser-known DJs.

Sweet, sweet tunes

Twitch founder releases The Drop: User-curated EDM lists

It's fairly simple to add music. Find the link on Soundcloud, add it and see if other people are digging that techno mix of the Earth, Wind and Fire song you like so much. Upvotes will see songs rise to the top of the list and it's a good place for people who are game for new sounds from unfamiliar artists.

At the moment, the site doesn't seem to have a lot of bells and whistles, looking more like a polished version of Reddit. Clicking on a track will allow you to see related comments as well as social media sharing.

So far the service is still new, and creator Kan doesn't see it as being a revenue earner. We'll just have to see if The Drop will be able to build up a community to sustain it. At the moment, though, it seems more of a pet project that Kan will keep around so long as it appeals to him.

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