Twins or not: Microsoft’s way of guessing if you're related

Microsoft: expert at productivity-killing and time-wasting

Remember The website that tells you the age of the person on the picture? Well, from the same creator of, comes which uses the same system, which is Microsoft’s Machine Learning.

How does it work? The site will take two photos and then process the similarity of the people on the photos, and then it gives you a score from 0-100 per cent similarity.

The designer Mat Velloso used the Face API, which is a platform of intelligent services featured in Microsoft’s Machine Learning. We used a picture of Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, which we felt look really alike each other and we got the score of 38 per cent. This website can definitely solve squabbles with your friends and family on who a particular celebrity looks like, so all you need to do is upload the pictures to and voila, no arguments.

[Source : Slashdot]