Tutorials On How To Download Google Apps On Huawei Mate 30 Now Available

Take note: they're neither legal nor official

While we may have reported that Huawei has blocked bootloader and that you are unable to "officially" download any Google Apps on the Huawei Mate 30 series, it comes to no surprise to know that, well, it is possible. It's of course not legal and it comes with plenty of risks, but yes, it's possible.

Huawei made an official statement to claim that you can't and shouldn't download any Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro, but there are a few tutorials out there that show you how to do it and were successful too. Before this, you would need to unlock bootloader but Huawei has blocked the ability, likely for this very reason.

But now there's another way, which mainly uses a site called lzplay.net though it is completely in Chinese. Through the website, you download the Google Services Framework installer and then allow Google Services Assistant installer to install all of the necessary files and frameworks.

Of course, it's not going to be that easy. There are issues of not being able to sign in, though this could be fixed by restarting the Mate 30 Pro and re-launching the app. There's also the fact that as it is completely in Chinese, you won't know what you're getting yourself into, as well as the security risks you may be putting the device through as the apps are unlicensed Google apps.

Whether or not there will be a Western version of the website remains unseen either. But with the amount of effort required just to get Google on the Mate 30 series, it's also a question on whether or not people in the West, or even those of us in Malaysia, would even purchase any of the Mate 30 series once it's launched in said countries.