Turn your smartphone into a 3D printer with only US$99

A tinier 3D printer

If you are wondering that you will need to have a lot of space for the printing arms and etc you won’t need to. This “box” changes your smartphone into a 3D printer and it looks as simple as that  - a box. Imagine the look of that puzzled pug and that is exactly the look you will give when you see this device. It is designed to just take any smartphone out in the market out there and transform it into a 3D printer by just simply popping it into the box.

Solido3D, the creator of the OLO 3D printer has not revealed any details on how this “box” works inside but there are videos out there that helps you find out. The printer works by having three crucial parts; a reservoir, a special photopolymer resin that you pour into the box and there is a polarized glass underneath the reservoir that you place your phone below it, screen facing up.

Once the lid is closed, the printer starts “printing” as an app that makes your phone light up with specific patterns and the polarised glass redirects the light vertically so that it beams directly into the reservoir. The directed light then causes the layer of resin to harden onto the build plate which then slowly moves upwards as the new layers are formed. This is seriously a brilliant piece of simple tech but it is not going to be able to beat the heavy duty 3D printers you see out there, but for just US$99, who wouldn’t want to see what they can build with a box and your smartphone?

[source : DigitalTrends]