Turn your old car into a smart car with the help of Vinli

Your car made in 1996 or later? You're sorted

Vinli is here to help make your smart car dreams come true, even if you're not driving a fancy or, err, new car.

How does it work? It is a mobile hotspot that equips your car with all the smart features by just plugging it into your car. The unit easily plugs into your data port under your car’s dashboard with no need of screws or extra cables. It is designed to work with the OBD 2 port, which should allow it to work with almost any automobile manufactured after the year 1996. Vinli comes with 2.4GHz WiFi And a Bluetooth Smart to give your old car a new connection to the world via a 4G LTE subscription.

Vinli isn’t done yet, it also comes with a 3-axis accelerometer for collision detedction, GPS for location tracking and SMS for emergencies. The system runs on Linux and those who would want to help develop the unit further can sign up for access to open the developer portal to create their own apps.

The possibilities are endless with what is already provided by the unit. With the built in GPS you can find your parked car easily or even monitor the car when it is being used by someone else. The mobile web connection lets you get roadside assistance easier, but Vinli will help you avoid those situations by notifying you prior to any problems.

You can even connect Vinli to your on board camera if you have any to record footage, but even without a camera you can track your fuel efficiency, speed and more. The unit also has its own app store that you can download apps from the web, Android or iOS and connect to programs like Dash. Other supported apps are Otto, Flow and Safedrive.

The unit is expected to retail at US$150 once its has been released but you can help fund it on Indiegogo for US$100. Subscriptions cost US$30 a year and 1GB goes for US$15, 3GB for US$40, with unlimited and shared family plans in the works. Best bit is the campaign is already fully-funded with just 22 days to go.

[source : Digital Trends