TuneIn wants to be the next Spotify

With 50 million active users, TuneIn wants to make a mark by going social with its latest revamp
TuneIn wants to be the Spotify of Internet radio

Internet streaming is the biggest deal in music right now, which makes sense for Internet radio and podcast service TuneIn is trying to get in on the action by reinventing itself.

It already has an enviable 50 million users at the moment but what it's trying to do now is to be the biggest audio network.

Spotify currently has arguably the best integration of social media aspects in its service, with it being easy to share Spotify songs on your social feeds and people being able to see what you happen to be listening anytime. Creepy or cool, the jury's still out on that.

But how does TuneIn plan to get social? It's tweaking its websites and app to allow for better search for audio content as well as recommendations. 

Please don't stop the music

TuneIn wants to be the Spotify of Internet radio

What users originally found tricky with the site was discovering new content. TuneIn is working on that with its new feed, which will show what's playing as well as updates to podcasts and channels you're already following. It combines both live updates on the site as well as on-demand content from its users.

Like Facebook, TuneIn channels can have their own profiles so users can follow the profiles for updates. Apparently some stations have more followers on TuneIn than other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Don't be surprised to see little 'Follow on TuneIn' buttons popping up on webpages as TuneIn positions itself to be the go-to network for audio.

Following in the footsteps of Rdio and Spotify, you can stalk, we mean, follow your buddies to discover the music they like and also send out what TuneIn calls 'Echoes' of what you're listening to. Share your love for 90s boy bands or hair metal to everyone who follows you on Twitter and Facebook, if you so desire.

You can also follow genres instead of stations. Follow a genre will then show radio stations playing songs of the genre you selected. Nifty, eh?

Then there's the Explore page, a lot like Spotify's own Discover option that will recommend to you audio shows, genres and stations. Trending and popular stations will show up first but eventually the service will learn your behaviour over time and make recommendations based on them.

Expect to see the new TuneIn roll out today on the Web, Android and iOS.

[Source: Engadget