Tumblr trying to attract grownups with new features

Not just for the tweens and hipsters, perhaps now?
Tumblr trying to attract grownups with new features

Over the next two days, Tumblr is revamping the way you use the service. "It’s clean, it’s powerful, and if you don’t have it yet, you’ll have it soon."

Commence the jokes about "didn't other blogging platforms already do all that?" Kidding aside, Tumblr is allowing more flexibility for addition of images and videos, simplifying the process by just having you click the ⊕.

Everyone's a Tumblin'

What might be a big deal for other bloggers reluctant to use the platform is better support for actual writing instead of the constant stream of reblogs that make it the blog equivalent of Instagram.

Tumblr has already been making changes to its UI as well as angering its userbase by changing its image dimensions. It's unlikely though that these teething pains as Tumblr seemingly transitions into becoming a more serious blogging platform will affect its userbase.

The only question is whether Tumblr will find a way to monetise on its userbase. Marketers are finding Tumblr's niche attractive though as statistics show that the average Tumblr user has a median household income of US$80,075 compared to other social media platforms.

Adobe's Digital Index showed that each referral from Tumblr could bring in US$2.57 from tablets and US$0.67 on mobiles. Contrast that to Facebook's US$1.55 and US$0.42. Could 2015 be the year Tumblr really sets itself apart as a digital marketer's dream?

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[Source: Tumblr via The Verge]