Try out iOS 8.3 first by joining Apple's public beta

The latest iOS 8.3 beta has been released to developers and will likely go public soon

Apple users have, for the most part, been happy enough to live contentedly waiting for updates from Apple.

But for those who want to live on the edge a little or could deal with temporily bricking your phone, then you could signup for Apple's public beta for iOS. Not too long ago Apple opened up public beta testing for the Mac OS X but it seems that now iPhone users can now get in on the testing fun.

Use at your own risk

While it's assumed Apple will have done some testing to make sure your iPhone won't be hurt by the latest OS beta, they are called betas for a reason. Signing up for the Apple Beta pretty much means you will be a guinea pig. And yes, you are willingly signing up for potential bugs and issues.

What's there to look forward to in the beta? Well, if the developer's version is any guide, there's the Apple Watch app, the new emojis as well as support for Google's 2-step verification and new languages for Siri.

If you're into trying new builds, which you can easily delete and revert to original factory settings, then sign up on Apple's Beta website.

[Source: TheNextWeb]