Truefilm is trying to be a pocket Lightroom

The app promises a winning formula: Lightroom + beautiful filters + Artificial Intelligence = Really pretty pictures

Another day, another iPhone photography editing app.  This time, though, let's talk about an app that's just had a significant overhaul. Truefilm has made photographers around the world happy due to its user friendliness and ability to handle general editing, facial improvements, and typography. The update makes the app much easier to use as it sticks to photo tweaking features such as highlights, shadows, clarity and graduated filters.


Filter suggestions

Another thing that this app really makes it mark is that it has an AI (yes, artificial intelligence) feature which learns your preferences as you use the app and automatically edits your photo and picks a filter for you. (No it doesn’t talk to you like Siri does)

The AI simply analyses the image and then, based on your style, suggests the best three filters. You can either use one of those or pick another one, and the app will simply learn your preferences. Great cheat on your way to being a better photographer and take better quality pictures. All you need is point click and let the AI edit it for you, now if they'd just integrate Siri with that.

While the original app cost US$0.99, it's now US$2.99, which isn't bad for its featureset. Get it on the App Store.

[Source: TheNextWeb]