True Star Wars fans must watch this unofficial fan-made animation

Paul Johnson’s vision of an animated space dogfight in the original trilogy will make you weep with joy

Much earlier, we’ve seen a short, two-minute animation of how Star Wars would look like in the style of an anime. Apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Animator Paul Johnson, who goes by the moniker MightyOtaking on YouTube, has released a lengthier version of his first work. Seven minutes, to be exact. This time, it’ll satisfy even the most faithful Star Wars fan with more amazing artwork and exhilarating music.

Fans of LucasArts’ Star Wars: Tie Fighter should find the sound effects quite familiar. After all, Johnson drew quite a bit of inspiration from the PC game. As apparent with the Immobilizer 418 Interdictor-class cruiser, a warship that prevents nearby ships from jumping to hyperspace with its gravity wells. The said craft was first introduced in the space simulation game, which was also one of the mission objectives for Rebel ships to destroy and escape the scene.

Johnson’s work also closely follows the dogfighting lore in the Star Wars universe. Similar to both the movies and game, the roar of the twin ion engines from the TIE fighters and the quiet efficiency of the X-Wings meet and clash in the epic dogfight sequences here. Mostly, you’ll see the fragility, yet strength in numbers of the Imperial ships while the Rebels are outgunned and, against all odds, charge into the firing range of the turbolasers.

This is only one part of the bigger work Johnson has put forth. He’s even created a character chart, detailing the men and women piloting the fighters and cruisers.

The soundtrack, composed by Zak Rahman, is a new piece that replaces the original with more punch and rock elements befitting an intense dogfight of life and death between pilots in space

And while you’re at it, take a look at the original two-minute short.

To date, the Star Wars franchise’s animations have been hits, what with The Clone Wars and the latest Rebels set in the original trilogy timeline catching the favour of its fans.

Disney, however, could really do right by their fans if a new animation in the vein of Johnson’s work is done. Heck, please bring him on board as the lead artist.

Do that, and this fan will be forever in Disney’s debt.