The Trontium Reactor will charge your next laptop over USB

Creators claim it is the first device to use the USB Power Delivery standard
Trontium Reactor

You're almost certainly familiar with the portable battery packs made by the likes of Mophie, Powermonkey, Brunton and so on.

They're enormously handy for keeping your phone going, but with a weedy low-power output there's not a lot they can do for larger devices like laptops.

However, that may be about to change - the new USB Power Delivery specification means you'll soon be able to charge larger, more power-hungry devices via USB, and the Trontium Reactor is claimed as the first USB Power Delivery device.   

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The Trontium Reactor will charge your next laptop over USB

The Trontium Reactor's specs are rather exciting if you're interested in power storage - and these days, who isn't? - in that it contains enough charge to rejuice an iPhone 5S 50 times. There are three 100W USB ports at the end, and the extra power available means you can add splitting cables to each port, so this Thermos-flask-sized powervault could charge cameras, laptops, phones and tablets all at the same time.

Unfortunately, could is the operative word - in order to be able to ask for extra power from the USB port, the laptop or camera itself needs to support USB Power Delivery, and at the moment, the Trontium Reactor is the only thing in the world that does. That's the trouble with being first. Give it a few years, though, and pretty much everything will charge via USB - and if you've used HP's rather nice little Chromebook 11, you'll know just how handy a USB-powered laptop can be. 

The Trontium Reactor, which is a pretty sweet name if you ask us, is available to preorder from for US$299 (RM989).