Trekkies, assimilate your food in your very own Borg fridge

It keeps food and drinks either hot or warm and your geek cred unassailable

Wow, it's a cube. I assume you can put things in it. Why am I supposed to be excited again?Look a little closer and you'll realise it's not just any cube. The design is inspired by the Borg Collective's flagship as seen in Star Trek.

Star Trek? Which one?In Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 142, "Q Who?" the Borg starship was first sighted stardate 42761.3 (2365), near System J-25 in the Delta Quadrant by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. The cube you're looking at was sighted on webstore of all things fun and geeky, ThinkGeek. An exclusive, you know

But it's a fridge? Cool-looking and futuristic, yeah but still a fridgeThat's where you're wrong. This 120V AC powered storage unit has a setting for keeping food cool or warm. Great for all occasions and as ThinkGeek describes it, "With the Borg Cube Fridge, your great food will be contained until it can be assimilated... into your face!"

Trekkies, assimilate your food in your very own Borg fridge

I concede it could be useful but what else is cool about it?It glows green behind the Borg coating to look like it's in space and when you pop it open to grab some intergalactic cola, the inside light is green too.

Basically I could simulate Close Encounters of the Third Kind in my kitchen?You got it, bub.

Trekkies, assimilate your food in your very own Borg fridge

Any other selling points before I surrender my credit card to The Force?First, wrong franchise. Second, this comes with rubber feet so as not to scratch kitchen counters and to prevent your soda (you can fit 9 cans with extra space for beef jerky, maybe) from spilling, it has a locking door. Also you even get a 12V DC powder cord to charge this in the car.

Sweet? But err, how much is it?US$149.99 (RM480). But just consider it an investment as anyone who comes into your kitchen now will probably echo what Spock always says: "Fascinating." Make it so.