Treat yourself to more leaked photos of the 5in BlackBerry A10

Take a few more peeks at the rumoured 5in phablet from BlackBerry
More BlackBerry A10 leaks

The rumoured BlackBerry A10 has re-appeared on the web, treating BlackBerry fanboys with leaked images of its digitiser parts and display

Speculation surrounding the A10’s specifications has been coming in non-stop. The information gleamed from today's leak is a 5in Samsung made SuperAMOLED screen for the A10. The board assembly measures a mere 1.9mm, which is insanely thin compared to the 4mm thick assembly board of the Z10.

Unfortunately, details other than the screen size type are not as forthcoming, leaving a sense of mystery and secrecy for the A10.

The A10 is BlackBerry's contribution to the popular and ridiculously large, face hiding smartphone and tablet hybrid, or more commonly known as phablet. However, Samsung’s firm grip on the phablet segment, courtesy of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, is pretty secure.

With the purported Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming out and Sony's monstrous 6.4in Xperia Z Ultra winning our votes, BlackBerry needs more than a large screen smartphone to stay in the game.

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