Transforming Smart Car squeezes itself into tight places

The little two-seater can even move sideways like a crab

Germany's DFKI Robotics Innovation Center unveiled a prototype of the EO Smart Connecting Car 2, which was originally announced in 2012.

The electric vehicle is an interesting two seater that operates like a traditional car. Well, aside from the fact that each wheel is powered by its own motor. This allows it to make almost impossible tight turns and even drive side-ways like a crab. The car has a top speed around 40mph and it can travel up to 44 miles on a four hour full charge.


Ridiculously cute electric car

But what's interesting is just how the car is able to, in a way, transform itself to adapt to smaller parking spaces. Watch the video where the amusing little electric vehicle rotates its wheels and even  changes the angle of its body, making parking a flexible breeze.

Smart cars tend to be considered novelties as opposed to practical alternatives to ordinary vehicles. With the smart car's flexibility and adaptibility to congested cities, they are more suited as a compact means to get around a city rather than long drives on inter-state highways. It could also form the backbone of a car sharing service due to how quickly it could traverse inner-city traffic from one location to another.

Plus this needs to be said: The car is also futuristicly adorable to watch when it transforms.

[Source: Technewsworld]