Tougher than Kevlar, liquid armour is a sci-fi fantasy come true

Protection in a bottle, a geek dream made real

Kevlar is currently widely-used in making bulletproof vests because of its strength when woven into sheets of fabric but it still has its limits to how much force it can stop. Well, rest assured because recently a company named Moratex has developed a liquid substance called Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF). Imagine it as a thick gooey paste that stays liquid when no force is applied, but when force is applied, it hardens up.

Tougher than Kevlar, less weight to carry

And the most amazing thing is, the more force you apply, the harder it gets. Sounds almost like an alloy from a science fiction book, but we can ensure you that this is as real as it gets. If any of you know what is “oobleck”, it is a perfected and more advanced version of it. 

So now, why is it better than Kevlar? Well, even the hardest and most rigid materials will bend inwards when a lot of force is applied and Kevlar bends up to 4cm when struck with a bullet moving at 1400 feet (427m) per second or faster. This causes the wearer to still receive a lot of force from the oncoming bullet, but STF on the other hand only experienced 1cm of indentation meaning that the STF armor will absorb more force and still stay rigid. Other bonuses of the armor are its reduced weight and increased flexibility.

There are also other possible uses for STF in future research such as professional sports inserts, car bumpers or roadbarriers.

We predict a future of bulletproof ninjas. Terrifying, but undeniably cool.

[Source: Digitaltrends, Pic: Moratex]