Toshiba's new 20 MP cameras are made for super thin phones

New design allows for camera modules as thin as 6mm or less
Toshiba's new 20 MP cameras are made for super thin phones

Toshiba's just rolled out its 20 MP 1.12-micron CMOS sensor targetted at high-end smartphones. Despite the pixel size, the new T4KA7 is still small enough to fit into newer, thinner phones allowing for the creation of camera modules with a z-heigh of 6mm or less.

Only recently Toshiba also announced 8 MP and 13 MP cameras back-side CIS sensors that allow high-performance while using less power. T4KA7 sets itself apart by using high-speed circuit technology with a 22 fps frame rate, 83 per cent better than Toshiba's last 20 MP sensor.

A lot of megapixels in a really tiny space

Toshiba's new 20 MP cameras are made for super thin phones

How many pixels are we looking at? A pretty impressive 5384 x3752 to be exact. Other features the sensor's packed in include advanced digital zoom, high-density permanent memory that does not take too much space on the chip itself and mapped couplet correction by 16kbit one-time programmable (OTP) memory.

Toshiba's certainly been busy this year as earlier it released the 13MP T4K82 which allows 240 fps HD video capture at 1080p resolution. The smaller 8 MP T4KA3 supports 720p resolution while still supporting 240 fps HD video capture.

Back to the 20 MP T4KA7: Don't expect to see it on smartphones just as yet. Sample shipments have just gone out, likely for testing purposes, each sample priced at US$20. Mass production is at the moment scheduled for February 2015. Seeing that the sensor isn't exorbitantly priced, there's a good chance we could be seeing more of them in phones next year.

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[Source: Toshiba]