Top 4 apps of 2014: All Facebook-owned

A sign the company's solidifying its hold on mobile
Top 4 apps of 2014: All Facebook-owned

App analytics company App Annie released their 2014 Retrospective report and it seems Facebook is king of the apps. The top downloaded app across platforms was Facebook Messenger, followed by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

But when it came to which marketplace had the most app downloads, Google Play showed 60 per cent more than Apple's App Store, but the latter made 70 per cent more yearly app revenue.

So, boys like games

Top 4 apps of 2014: All Facebook-owned

It was also a good year for mobile messaging apps, with WeChat posting 468 million users by November 2014 and Facebook's acquiring WhatsApp.

Looking at its user data in the US, it seems that mobile gamers tended to be men while there more women using social networking as well as photo and video apps.

Super casual games also had a good year in 2014, with one or more titles finishing in the top 10 downloads for 10 out of 12 months of the year. The top game of 2014? That scourge of social networking - Candy Crush Saga.

As to revenue, Clash of Clans made the most money (obviously via in-app purchases) while Line boasted the most revenue of all the apps across platforms.

What to make of all the data? Apple users are still making developing for iOS far more profitable and Line's so far been the most successful at monetising its chat platform. The power of stickers, ladies and gentlemen. Now the question is how is Facebook going to make money out of its app acquisitions?

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