At Tomorrowland, you can make new Facebook friends with a tap of a bracelet

The new-fangled wearable puts the friend in friendship bracelet thanks to social network
If you’re going to Tomorrowland, here’s how you can make friends fast

It’s time to forget the coyness of having to make the first move and break the ice with someone you don’t know or just met at an event. Especially when you're going to make new friends at Belgium’s Tomorrowland music festival where you’re literally in each other’s personal spaces.   

As awkward as that might have been over the past few years, a new social wristband could possibly make such quandaries a thing of the past. What was once a traditional festival wristband that doubled up as a ticket strapped to your wrist is now a Facebook friendship bracelet.

And we’re not taking about those pieces of string woven together to symbolise your BFF status, we mean one that uses tech to make (or rather, suggest) friends for you. You can thank the organisers of Tomorrowland later.

Simplistic wearable tech

It’s quick to activate too – when you receive it in the mail, register the device online and connect it to your Facebook account. On the day of the festival, don it and go around making connections. As you do so, simultaneously press the heart button on the device and the person’s Facebook information gets stored.

It then sends you an email listing out the connections you have made, enabling you to pick out who you want to befriend on Facebook. We think this feature will make it more popular than just have it automatically accept friends for you on the social networking site.

So when you head out to the festival, you can now pay more attention to the music and dancing instead of having to focus on old-school friend-making skills.

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[Source: The Verge]