TM's new Unifi fibre plans go up to 100Mbps, but they won't come cheap

Plans are targetted at business users

After both Time and Maxis announced speed upgrades to their fibre plans, there was a lot of speculation whether Telekom Malaysia (TM) would follow suit. Well, the latter did, after a fashion.

TM announced its new Unifi Pro Plan and Biz Pro plans with up to 100Mbps download speeds but only 50Mbps for uploads, with a promotional price of RM299.

The Pro Plan will offer not just Internet but HyppTV, with 600 minutes of free calls, a free iFlix subscription and three months of Viu premium. The Biz Pro Plan is being offered for an introductory price of RM379 a month with free calls to all fixed lines and a rate of RM0.08 per minute to mobile phones.

However, the introductory prices will only be available until Jun 30, 2016. After that, the monthly fees will be RM329 for the Unifi Pro plan and Rm399 a month for the Biz Pro.

Of course when you compare it to Time’s prices, Unifi is rather pricey as Time charges RM299 for 500Mbps speeds, with no difference between download and upload speeds. It is however slightly cheaper than Maxis, but Maxis also does not differentiate between download and upload speeds.

TM’s explanation about its upload speed is that its customers do not really tap into their upload bandwidth. It’s still a shame however for those who are content creators who stream or upload content to the Internet.

If you’re hoping for some free upgrading action, it’s not happening as there’ll be no automatic upgrades. Should you want to take the leap to Unifi Pro, prepare to tack on another 24 months to your broadband package.

Still, it's not surprising that Unifi's prices have not been revised as it is still the most widely available fibre service as compared to Time thus there's no real pressure. Time may have the best prices but with its limited coverage, don't expect Time to be stealing swathes of customers anytime soon.

[Source: Amanz]