TM Unifi Advance promo period over, you'll have to pay full price now

Pricing starts at RM199 a month for 30Mbps plan

If you've been paying RM179 for your UniFi Advance plan, just be reminded it's not going to last forever. According to the Telekom Malaysia (TM) website, the promo period has apparently ended and starting April 1, the prices have been adjusted to their normal RRP: RM199 for the 30Mbps plan and RM229 for 50Mbps.

The promo prices were used to attract more people to sign up when the plans were announced last year so if you’re only now getting around to getting UniFi, then you’ll just have to deal with paying RM20 more.

Should you already be an UniFi Advance user, your pricing is locked in until the end of your contract. But it’s not all bad news for new subscribers. The plan now includes voice with 600 minutes of local calls with free calls to all TM fixed line numbers, but calling mobile phones will see you charged RM0.10 a minute. It’s cheaper than previously when voice calls would be charged RM0.20 a minute and an optional Voice Pack would cost an extra RM20 a month.

Upload speeds have also been revised to 10Mbps for the 30Mbps plan and 20Mbps for the 50Mbps plan.

Don’t forget the free iflix for a year as well as a free three month subscription to Viu.

TM also recently launched the 100Mbps Pro Plan for RM299 a month, but again that’s the promotional rate and the original non-promo price is RM329 a month. That’s a lot to pay for internet, fast or not.

See our coverage of Maxis' fibre plans if you're shopping around. If you're lucky enough to have Time fibre in your area then perhaps consider subscribing to them instead though their coverage area is very limited, but it offers the cheapest and fastest fibre plans around for the moment.

[Source: Soyacincau]