TM says only Internet users will be charged for paper bills

RM5 will be charged only for those with Unifi or Streamyx bills

There was a bit of a furore after Berita Harian published a piece claiming Telekom Malaysia (TM) would now start imposing an RM5 charge for each paper bill issued. TM has since clarified and stated that the charge would only be for users on its Streamyx and Unifi broadband who have opted for paper bills, instead of just e-billing.

The RM5 bill was apparently misunderstood as being for all TM subscribers, even those on landlines. TM confirmed that the latter will continue receiving bills without extra charges as per usual.

Apparently TM meant the measure to encourage its broadband subscribers to only ask for bills via email, as a greener measure to reduce paper usage. Saving the trees ultimately left TM scrambling to save itself from a potential PR disaster.

Now that's sorted, if you're a TM broadband subscriber best to confirm with TM that you don't want physical bills. In some cases, though, some will need the paper proof for tax or work claims so just be sure to check with TM in any case.

[Source: Soyacincau]