Tizen on hold, Japan not ready for it yet says carrier

NTT Docomo has shelved plans to launch alternative OS smartphone

Remember when we said an alternative to Android and iOS might be coming soon? Alas, looks like the wait will be longer.

NTT Docomo thinks that the Japanese market can't handle more than two operating systems right now as the carrier has not seen much improvement in phone sales despite embracing the iPhone.

What next for Tizen

All is not lost. Despite NTT Docomo shying from pushing out Tizen by itself, it is still likely Samsung will launch a Tizen smartphone (or two) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Perhaps NTT Docomo is doing a wait-and-see approach as Samsung has, after all, proven successful when it rocked the boat with its best-selling phablet the Galaxy Note. Could Samsung make Tizen a success? Or will it focus on its already existing lineups and follow Docomo's lead to roll out Tizen at a later date? Stay tuned!

[Source: Engadget]