Tinder pairs up with Instagram to help you swipe right

Don’t just judge people based on their six profile photos, judge them by their Instagram reel

There’s more to go on in Tinder ever since the latest update attempts to hasten the getting-to-know-someone process via square photos.

You can now look through people’s Instagram photos to get a better idea of who they choose to portray, if you can even be bothered to dig a little deeper. Instagram has been integrated so that users can view the latest 34 photos and venture into the user’s account for more if they like what they see.

Photo fuel is important because there’s so much you can tell about a person based on what they put on Instagram: whether they prefer cats or dogs, are completely narcissistic, and their general perspective on life.

Also, instead of just revealing the Facebook pages you have in common, the latest update also displays all your Facebook interests, in the hopes that people can fine-tune their pickup lines and achieve greater success. You can also see more than just shared friends, with profiles displaying common Facebook connections of varying degrees. 

The new update is available on both iOS and Android to all Tinder users. Now, go forth and be careful not to multiply.

Source: TechCrunch