Tidal introduces own family plan, still pricier than Apple's

Apple's US$15 for six people still the best value

Tidal's just announced its own family plan, but it's decidedly more expensive than anything its rivals have to offer.

While a Tidal High Fidelity account would cost US$20 a month, add another person and you get 50 per cent off for each person added. That makes it US$15 for two people and US$20 for three, up to a maximum of five people. That would mean adding an extra person means adding an extra US$10 each.

For Tidal Premium (US$9.99 a month), it would mean paying US$4.99 for each additional person. While this would be a bargain for existing Tidal subscribers, it's far less straightforward than Apple's which just charges you a flat US$15 for six people. Where price points are concerned, Tidal loses out and unless the company manages to get people to stay for the exclusives, it looks like Apple is still the streaming company to beat.

[Source: CNet]