THX Debuts New 4K Version Of Their Iconic Tune; Deep Note

The world’s favourite sound effect gets an update.

Is it really a movie if the THX logo and tune doesn’t come on before the start? Known as the Deep Note, this iconic tune has been included in countless movies and the audio quality you could expect from it. 36 years after the debut of this iconic tune, it is getting an updated version for the 4K era.

THX was a creation of George Lucas. As an audio development sector of Lucasfilm Ltd, it was meant to ensure new and awesome sounds for the medium of film. The name of the company itself is actually an homage to George Lucas’ first film, THX 1138. Naturally, the Deep Note and the use of THX technology was first used with Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi in 1983.

The THX Deep Note is also prominent with the home video release of blockbusters, with VCR and DVD versions of movies featuring the logo and tune right before its start. This new 4K version of the Deep Note is made for 4K Blu-Ray releases, so expect to see this in upcoming 4K video releases of movies like Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home. This new video features some stunning visuals before introducing the world to the latest version of Deep Note.

As film technology improves in its display resolution and audio fidelity, the THX Deep Note will evolve with it. Here’s hoping we get to see a whole new 8K version of it in the near future.