This third-party iPad Pro case details what the alleged device could house

Apple’s upcoming large screened tablet could be in line with other iPad designs
This third-party iPad Pro case details what the alleged device could house

There’s no denying that the chances of Apple unveiling an iPad Pro is high – we’ve seen rumours about its key features, expected launch date, and accessories that might come with it.

And now, a spyshot of a third-party iPad Pro case has given us further details as to what we can expect from purported Apple tablet – who says leaks of accessories don’t come in handy?

French site,, shared an image of this case and although there wasn’t another object beside it as a point of size reference, it’s evident that it’s made for a larger iPad, possibly one that measures 12.2 to 12.9in.

It’s also obvious that there are two speaker cutouts at the top and bottom of the case, which facilitate sound from the purported stereo speakers.

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In addition, it also shows off cutouts for a power button (top right), a headphone jack (top left of the case), volume buttons (right of the case), Lightning port (bottom), as well as a camera cutout at the back – which is what you’ve seen on Apple’s iPad Airs and iPad minis.

But there’s also am unknown cutout on the left of the case – perhaps, for a SIM tray which then suggests that this case could be designed for a cellular iPad Pro, but then again, design elements have not always been highly accurate.  

The site also claims the image originates from a “reliable source that [it] has not been in contact with for many years”, so just like what you do with most leaks, we suggest you take what you read here with a pinch of salt. 

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[Source and image: MacRumors