These sleep goggles are what insomniacs wish for

The special tech will help induce a state of relaxation to help troubled sleepers

If you're one of those people who finds it hard to get to sleep, the Sana Sleep might be your dream wearable.

Smarter sleeping

Dubbed the "first truly smart sleep mask", the Sana Sleep has an HRV sensor that will monitor fluctuations in your nervous system. Using the data, the device will then specifically tailor "Audio-Visual stimulation" for your own unique nervous system. The data will also be used to track your overall health.

The stimulation will, according to Sana, help your brain follow a sequence that is tailored to your own best natural sleep cycle. That way, you're helped into a deep sleep. The aim is to help the wearer put themselves to sleep in a mere 10 minutes instead of the usual tossing, turning and swearing experienced by people with sleep issues.

How did the device come about? The Sana company chief Richard Hanbury had chronic pain issues after an accident, making it difficult for him to sleep. Thus began a 24 year quest that involved over 700 individual trials of EEG-based research that helped create the Sana Sleep.

Bertrand Piccard, who piloted the Solar Impulse on a round-the-world journey, said the Sana Sleep helped him sleep restfully on his limited three hours a day of sleeping. The Sana Sleep is now being tested on athletes as well.

Expect the device to be sold to the masses by the second quarter of 2018 and cost around US$400 (RM1710).

[Source: Engadget]