These might just be the world’s smallest wireless earbuds

The Earin wireless earbuds are dainty and come with their own charging capsule
These might just be the world’s smallest wireless earbuds

If you’re one for showy cans, Beats’ headset range, Skullcandy's lineup or perhaps Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari headset might do the trick. But if you’re after something more subtle (read: tiny and almost unnoticeable), the Earin wireless earbuds are one to ponder over.

But if you thought these earbuds are sized no differently from the other earbuds out in the market, you might be pleasantly surprised. Earin is pushing these pieces out to the market, claiming they're the “world's smallest wireless earbuds”. Although it’s hard to prove, it does look minute, judging from how it looks a tad bigger than a tablet. The consumable ones, not your iPad Air.

Backed up by more than 3500 people on Kickstarter, these completely wireless and cable-less audio tools have garnered approximately £388,114 (RM2.1M) from an original funding goal of £179,000 (RM982,493) – and it’s still got 35 days to go.

A closer look..

These might just be the world’s smallest wireless earbuds

The two earbuds are connected via Bluetooth, come with a range of different foam tips that let you customise your fit, offer noise isolation and a balanced armature (using the same tech found in hearing aids), as well as a battery life of up to three hours – via a USB-powered charging capsule.

Even with a price of £79 (RM434), they seem pretty popular, if we’re going by the number of backers for this project.

So even you can reenact the scene from the movie Definitely Maybe, where Ryan Reynolds bopped through the streets of New York City with cable-less tiny earbuds. But beware: if you’ve got massive fingers, good luck digging them out of your ears.

No really, we’re not kidding.

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[Source: Cnet