These jeans will charge your phone for you

You can now leave those unsightly powerbanks at home

We're not sure if this is genius or a joke but apparently there are now jeans that can charge your phone. Say hello to Hello jeans.

What happens is that a battery, much like a powerbank is included with the jeans but the difference is that the battery is built-into the pants. It's about 3.75 inches long, which is pretty small so heavy smartphone users might be disappointed.

Sadly the jeans are only available in women's skinny-fit. Sorry all you bootcut and straight jeans-wearers, but hey, your jeans should have space for a slim powerbank unlike skinnies.

Feel free to order a pair of them from the website for a fancy price of US$189 (yes, we know). The annoying bit is that the battery is extra at US$49. The rest of us would rather ordinary jeans and spend the extra on a really good powerbank.

[Source: CNet]