These jeans from Pharrell are made from ocean waste

From fish to fashion, from squid to squib
These jeans from Pharrell are made from ocean waste

Pharrell is working with Dutch brand G-Star RAW on an environmentally-conscious clothing collection. And in an industry dominated by fast fashion and big waste, let’s hope it goes the distance.

It’s called RAW For The Oceans and, interestingly, it is clothing by the oceans as well.  (Tidbit: the collection was announced, aptly, at the Hall of Ocean Life in the American Natural History Museum.)

These jeans incorporate discarded plastic from the Earth’s waters. It looks so normal, doesn’t it?  The fabric is called Bionic Yarn, made by Pharrell-owned Return Textiles. They claim it's up to 400 per cent stronger than conventional yarns and is comprised of 40-45 per cent recycled materials. A colorful and quirky rendition of the industrial creation of Bionic Yarn, and its inclusion of collected plastic waste, can be found on [their website].

Eco-friendly fashion

Hopefully Bionic takes off in a big way, because after all, what better way to game a wasteful system than to feed its own waste back into production? Unfortunately, not enough fashion houses take the effort to make their production eco-friendly. 

The entire collection, which comprises of shirts, jackets, hoodies, jeans and hats, are Bionic. Perhaps in character with Pharrell’s public fashion sense, the collection is all muted colours and the occasional catchy print.

One of the tees features: “Happy Life. Happy Human Beings. Happy Oceans.” (Insert corny Happy reference of your choice here.) Overall, the collection is up-market streetwear and seems to be aimed at socially conscious youth, perhaps youth looking to take baby steps away from a “jaded but rich” look.

The Fall/Winter 2014 RAW For The Oceans collection is setting sail for stores on August 15th year.

Pharrell has made various appearances in the media for the environment, including lending his name to Kiehl’s Gives in 2011.

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