These insane 8ft speakers cost RM3.2 million

Excuse us while we go and buy a dozen
These insane 8ft speakers cost £600,000

Sloppy work. You've thrown in far too many zeros up there. I hate typos.Lay off now, that's no typo. This pair of high end sound blasters will genuinely set you back more than half a million pounds. For real. Seriously. We're not kidding. Do we look like we're kidding? Because we're not. Honest.

You're not kidding...Nope. What we're looking at here, is a masterpiece by California-based high-end audio manufacturer Magico. And when we say high-end, we mean very, very high-end.

I should bloody well hope so, for that money. Are they carved from T-Rex fossils?

Not quite, but they're loud enough to drown out the roar of one. Four years in the making, the Magico Ultimate speakers are just shy of standing 8 feet tall, and they weigh more than 360kg each. Combined, that's around the same heft as an adult male polar bear. Just in case you were wondering.

Forged from aluminium and adopting a five-way horn-loaded system, each speaker requires its own dedicated amplifier to power the woofer. Each Ultimate speaker houses two 8in and 20in midrange horns, both crafted from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminium, and the gargantuan midbass horn, mounted at the top, has to be reinforced with 56 hand-welded aluminium ribs. In other words, this is one serious piece of kit.

The throat of each horn contains an eye-wateringly pricey compression driver, which itself costs US$10,000 dollars each. Their huge, powerful magnet structures weigh more than 22kg each, and each and every millimetre is designed to provide the richest, most detailed sounds physically possible.

These insane 8ft speakers cost £600,000

But, that price tag...It takes more than two months to make just one unit, and they're made by special request. These aren't just speakers, they're an engineering masterpiece, and should be seen as works of art, not just pillars of auditory perfection.

How much would you pay to have the Mona Lisa in your living room? This isn't meant for plugging your iPhone into. Audiophiles seriously considering the Ultimate speakers will build entire rooms around them. This is true audio nirvana, and your ears will never want to enter the real world again.

If you're planning on winning the lottery, look no further...

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