These cat ear headphones are an otaku's dream come true

Cat ears that light up with LEDs? We're sold
These cat ear headphones are an otaku's dream

Cat ear headphones. First question is why someone hasn't thought of this first? No matter, Axent Wear, a tiny startup by two Berkley students are now on Indiegogo with a project that's basically made some people just go "Shut up and take my money!"

Proof? It's only been the third day of the campaign and it's already fully-funded, nearly doubling its funding goal of US$250,000 (RM812,462).

Cat lover, otaku or perhaps Deadmau5 fan magnet

Now, lest you think these headphones are just cat ears stuck on top of headphones, you get a lot more for your money. The headphones themselves can either be wired or wireless, with a removable cord as well as a USB charging port.

As to the sound driver, the Axent Wear headphones use a 40mm driver with a 20Hz to 20KhZ range, which is a pretty decent standard with the 40mm giving you access to the lower-end of tunes.

The cat ears are also not just for show. They're actually functional speakers, albeit cute ones. Basically you have the kind of headphones that will glow even in the dark with funky coloured lights - red, blue, green or purple, depending on which colour accent you choose. The purple headphones seem to be the most popular at the moment of all the Indiegogo campaign picks.

How much for a pair? Considering that the price includes shipping and tax all over the world, US$150 (RM488) does not seem quite a bad deal. But just a caveat, this being a crowdfunding effort, the element of risk is there. So crowdfund only if you dare.

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