These Cardcaptor Sakura Bluetooth Headphones Will Bring Magic To Your Music

Does it have the Music Card in it?

I just found out that Sakamoto Maaya's music is now available on Spotify, and if you know who that is, you know why this anime-themed tech is exciting to find out on the same day (for those not in the know; she sang some of the opening songs for the anime). Bandai has revealed a Cardcaptor Sakura-themed bluetooth stereo earphones to truly bring out the magic of music, and likely the perfect accompaniment to listen to Sakamoto Maaya's songs as well.

It's clear that the earphones are mostly based on the recent anime season - Clear Card Arc - as it has the Dream Key design on the buds. And sure, it has the cute pink design, but does it pull through in terms of specs? So far, the major reveal on the device is that it takes 2 hours to charge fully and with that you can get music playback time up to 5 hours, take phone calls for up to 4 hours and get continuous standby up to 100 hours. 

Hmm. Definitely on the less powerful side, though it's hard to have high-expectations on anime-themed products, especially those from Bandai. In other aspects, the earphones come with three size earbuds (S/M/L), a cord length of about 60cm and comes with a micro-USB charging cable.

The Cardcaptor-Sakura themed earphones is currently up for pre-orders in Japan for the price of 3828 yen (~MYR146) and is expected to be available sometime in March. Find out more here!