These are the TVs that Netflix has put its 2017 stamp of approval on

Binge-watch in the best quality that tvkind can offer you

If you never quite understood what HDR means or wrapped your head around the possibilities a smart TV presents, know that Netflix has got your back with its list of recommended TVs to cut through the noise of TV buzzwords.

How do they decide which TVs make the cut? Simple. It’s all about how fast and easy you can get to watching your House of Cards after watching the evening news, as well as how intelligently it plays with the Netflix app so your Netflix streaming is as seamless as possible.

Obviously, these guidelines are always being reevaluated as tech morphs at such crazy speeds. So this year, the new criteria include:

1) The ability to power on your TV and start using Netflix or other internet TV apps in just a few seconds.

2) The ability switch between apps or switch from apps to live TV and back again almost instantly.

3) High resolution Netflix interface

Enough of the rules, here are the TVs that Netflix deems good enough for you to watch season after season of its originals: LG's 2017 line of 4K UHD TVs with WebOS 3.5, the 2017 line of Samsung 7, 8, 9, and Q-series Smart TVs, and also the latest Android TVs from Sony. It’s hardly surprising that these are the television stars of CES.

For last year’s recommended models, check them out here.

Source: Netflix