These are the games you can play for free on PlayStation Plus this month

Check out November's huge stack of free PlayStation games

You might not love the idea of paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription, but that £50 a year includes a massive bounty of free games.

Each and every month, Sony trots out a new selection of games you can download for free all month and then keep and play forever, so long as you maintain your Plus subscription. You'll always find at least a couple of PlayStation 4 picks, along with games for PS3 and Vita as well.

Looking for a heads-up on which games you can grab right now and soon ahead? We've got you covered: these are the UK's PlayStation Plus freebies for November 2017, which will be available to download starting 7 November. And if you didn't grab October's free downloads yet, then scroll further down for a quick look at those titles.

Free on PlayStation Plus in November

Worms Battlegrounds (PS4)

Team17's classic artillery game gets a fresh coat of paint with Worms Battlegrounds, which finds you controlling groups of the creepy crawlers as they try to blast the hell out of each other. Multiplayer is the main focus, but Battlegrounds also has a solo campaign included.

Bound (PS4)

Bound is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience: the lead character is a ballet-dancing princess who beautifully prances through surreal platforming challenges. It's gorgeous and even PlayStation VR-compatible, although also a bit awkward to actually control.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)

We really dug the survival horror thrills of the original Until Dawn, but Rush of Blood is something else entirely: it's a PlayStation VR-exclusive rail shooter, in which you'll blast freaky foes while on a rollercoaster-like track.

That's You (PS4)

Here's something different: you'll need a smartphone or tablet to play That's You, which is the first of Sony's new PlayLink titles. With a touch device as your controller, you can play this irreverent party game, which has you doodle, answer questions, snap photos, and more.

R-Type Dimensions (PS3)

R-Type is one of the great side-scrolling arcade shooters, and now you can get both R-Type­ and R-Type II in one PS3-playable package for free this month. The graphics are a bit spruced up, but the old-school challenge and appeal remains intact.

Rag Doll Kung Fu (PS3)

This goofy arena fighter lets you choose an exaggerated, action figure-esque martial arts fighter and throw down in four-player battles, with DualShock 3 motion controls used to help you pack an extra punch.

Dungeon Punks (Vita/PS4)

Dungeon Punks is an under-the-radar fantasy brawler that lets you team up to bash through waves of enemies in a game inspired by old-school arcade hits. This one's playable on both PlayStation Vita and PS4.

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent's Curse (Vita)

Looking for a bit of on-the-go adventure? Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent's Curse collects both episodes of the game in a single Vita bundle, as you attempt to track down a stolen painting amidst a much larger criminal conspiracy.

Still available until 6 November

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

Now here's a big bounty for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Metal Gear Solid has gotten bigger and weirder over time, and The Phantom Pain is the apex of that evolution – it's massive, and some of the stuff doesn't really work. But the stealth-action gameplay is spectacular, and it's more open and flexible than ever here.

Amnesia: Collection (PS4)

October is the month to be scared stupid, right? Well, you can do just that with Amnesia: Collection, which brings together updated ports of famed PC freak-fests Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Don't play with the lights turned off. Or do, it's your nightmare to savor.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League (PSVR)

Finally, the PlayStation VR gets in on the PS Plus fun. RIGS Mechanized Combat League launched with the headset last year, and it's one of our favourite VR multiplayer experiences, challenging you to play a fast-paced future sport in a speedy, super-cool mech suit.

Monster Jam Battlegrounds (PS3)

Monster trucks are cool, right? Of course they are! So maybe you should dust off the old PS3 and check out Monster Jam Battlegrounds. It brings licensed trucks like Grave Digger to your TV with both racing and freestyle events, and while it looks pretty low-budget, there might be some fun here.

Hustle Kings (PS3)

Don't have a billiards table handy? Just fire up Hustle Kings instead. Sony's game lets you hop online and battle it out across eight different types of pool, with both local and online tournaments allowing for 16 players.

Hue (PS4/Vita)

Dang, this game is pretty. Released last year, Hue is a side-scrolling platformer in which you can change how the world works by swapping the background colour. Sounds like a neat puzzle-solving element and the look is tremendous. Reviews are good, too. How did we miss this one?

Sky Force Anniversary (PS4/Vita)

Sky Force Anniversary started life as a mobile game, and then was remastered to be an even better mobile game, and now it's on PS4 and Vita. The scale is simplistic, but this vertical arcade shooter is pretty slick and solidly fun in short bursts.