These Are The Best Photos Taken Using The iPhone's Night Mode According To Apple

You may be seeing them on billboards soon

Apple's iPhone series has been well known for their cameras and ability to take some of the most amazing pictures and videos, with their proof outright being movies, music videos, and even gorgeous photos that were even used on billboard advertisements, all done using iPhones.

The recent iPhone 11 saw the iPhone series camera abilities take on another level with the introduction of Night mode, making the device capable of taking gorgeous shots even in low light conditions. The best way to prove this, of course, is to show you these capabilities and as such Apple asked iPhone photographers to submit their best photos using the iPhone 11's night mode.

Out of the thousands submitted, Apple selected six winners that will be featured not only on Apple's website and social channels, but on billboards all over the world. So be prepared to see those giant billboard ads among major highways using one of the pics below.

According to Apple, "the winning photographers represented countries from China, India, Russia and Spain, sharing their various perspectives of the beauty and colors of night in the cultures surrounding them".

Check them out below, and get some inspiration to take some gorgeous night pics of your own too.