The thermostat that does it all

EverSense is all about integrating everything about your house in one smart device
The thermostat that does it all

Texas-based Allure Energy is bringing us the EverSense smart thermostat, a product that will remind you a lot of devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Lyric, all of which will automatically cool or heat your home to your comfort.

The general advantage is myriad, of course. You won’t need to worry about your energy bills just because you're stuck at work and your air conditioning is firing up in an empty house. Once again, technology lets you have both the convenience and comfort of a temperature-controlled house with the flexibility to reduce wastage.

A streaming thermostat with security features? Really

The thermostat that does it all

Allure Energy is taking it several steps further. Why stop at simply temperature control? It's a thermostat that is also a home hub. Its features include music and picture streaming, video playback and weather. So now, not only will your home be heated and cooled to your liking, your favourite playlist will greet you at your doorstep too.

Of course, speakers integrated into an all-in-one device like this is unlikely to compare with a real home audio system so this writer wouldn’t hedge too much on that. The device doesn’t keep any music, it simply streams from your iOS or Android device.

Though picture streaming might be great for families, it would be a place for parents to share the little triumphs and tiny surprises of bringing up children together, especially in the traditional couples configuration of one stays at home and the other goes to work.

Ultimately, the sinker is in this product’s future. Allure Energy is working on EverSense integration with home security systems and an EverSense app that can control smart plugs. With that, the smart themostat could have a real deal to give conscientious homeowners.

Home security already gives its owners alerts and remote control but they tend to be on a separate system altogether. Integration here would be relieving. Smart plug control would be another feature to the original end of smart thermostats: reducing the wastage of human error and home-owning.

And how much does this go for? US$299 (S$370)

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