There's A Riot At Riot Games!

It seems that the video game company’s actions just weren’t enough

More than 100 employees of the company behind League of Legends joined a staged walkout to protest the use of forced arbitration to resolve the many sexual harassment claims that's plagued the company for years. 

The walkout protest had been planned to show discontent and dissatisfaction over the company's continuous gender discrimination and sexist work environment. The Riot employees stood in the parking lot on the Riot Games compound, holding signs and giving speeches. One of which was given by Riot Games social listening strategist Jocelyn Monahan: 

“We’re asking that forced arbitration be ended for all past, current, and future Riot employees, including contractors and in current litigation. We are what makes Riot great. I want us to feel solidarity and connection with each other. I want us to feel connected. I want us to feel like our voices are heard and heard in a way that matters.”

Towards the end of the walkout, Monahan announced that if Riot Games failed to implement any changes on their forced arbitration stance by 16 May 2019, everyone who participated in the walkout will take further action. What that action is remains unclear. 

So far Riot Games' response to the walkout has been mild at most. In an email sent to Kotaku, the company has stated that they "respect Rioters who choose to walkout today and will not tolerate retaliation of any kind as a result of participating (or not).” 

Even with that said, some of the protestors still professed fear that there may still be consequences waiting for them due to their participation. Even so, it's clear that they will keep going until Riot Games take appropriate action for the wrongs they keep letting pass.