There’s a new range of emoji, and it’s YOU

Nothing satisfies your narcissistic tendency like your own face in an emoji
There’s a new range of emoji, and it’s YOU

To think we were getting excited over the 250 new emoji that the Unicode Consortium issued last month – a new iPhone app has just beat that in letting us create our own emoji.  

And take a wild guess who’s going to be the hero icon of these emoji – YOU. We have to say we saw this coming. It’s only a matter of time before we could grace our friends’ messages. Think the list of emoji doesn’t quite have a proper drool smiley or confused smiley? Well, you can now make your own customised versions of it.

Named Imoji, the app enables iOS users to turn selfies that they take – or have previously saved – into emoji stickers. Sorry all you Android users it’s only applicable to Apple users, and even then, it can only be sent via iMessage.

After you’ve selected/taken a snap you’re happy with, position it within the oval that comes up on screen and edit out the background before saving it in your Imoji carousel. To send it, just drag the Imoji to the centre and pick whom you want to send it to.

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Set aside your dumb face

One thing’s for sure – your friends are going to take it one of two ways. They’re either going be totally annoyed by it or extremely delighted to keep seeing the you-mojis you keep texting with every iMessage. If you’re not enthusiastic on texting your own dumb face, you can seek out popular ones or even source for specific ones by searching a keyword.

Worried about someone else using your custom made emoji? You can choose to keep it private. On the flipside, fame hungry folks will want to make themselves into an emoji and hope it goes viral.

The Imoji app is already available for download from the Apple app store for free.

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