Thank you, NTU, for this amazing battery that charges in mere minutes

Phone running low on juice? You won't have that first world problem with this advanced lithium-ion battery
A smartphone or electric car that charges in minutes is in our near future

Want a smartphone or electric car battery that recharges in minutes and lasts 20 years? Think it’s only going to come by in years? You’re wrong – it’s actually not too far away from our future and Singapore’s the first to discover it.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University claim to have created an advanced lithium-ion battery that does just that – recharges a smartphone to 70 per cent full within two minutes (or an electric car in 15 minutes).

And, you can keep charging it for up to 20 years. This is a huge jump from the current generation lithium-ion batteries, which have a charging cycle of about 500 times. These new-fangled and almost impossible advanced lithium-ion batteries? They have a cycle of up to 10,000 times.

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If you want to know the technicalities behind it, it’s basically a swap in the material used for the battery’s negative pole (also known as anode). Instead of graphite that most battery makers use, it got replaced with a titanium dioxide gel.

And the researchers also crafted a new way where the titanium dioxide particles are converted into nanotubes to escalate the chemical reactions that lead to charging.

Fortunately, the researchers say these titanium dioxide particles are easy and cost less to make as compared to the old graphite anode. Reading between the lines, it meanswe’ll most likely see these juice boosted batteries in the market in about two years.

We can’t wait to sign ourselves up for it. 

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