Thailand confirms two new iPhones, Apple goes into panic mode

Apple upset at what Thailand calls a 'routine disclosure' for the sake of consumers
Thailand confirms two new iPhones, Apple goes into panic mode

Apple is in full damage control-mode after Thailand announced the approval of two iPhone models into the country.

The announcement was followed, uncharacteristically, by a tweet about the announcement. Apple has already met with Thai officials about the disclosure which has pretty much confirmed the rumour that the next iPhone launch will see not one, but two new phones from Apple.

Thailand's early announcement is big news for Apple fans in Asia because Thailand is not normally a first-batch country for iPhones. Last year, it was part of the second wave of launches and Apple apparently did not apply for approval until 16 September 2013.

Official Tweet leaks

Thailand confirms two new iPhones, Apple goes into panic mode

The tweet by Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) (roughly translated) only stated that the iPhone 6 had been approved for sale.

No information besides the model numbers (A1586 and A1524) were released but Apple is still upset, saying the announcement released confidential information. Tantasith defended his move saying there was nothing that could be called a trade secret that was leaked, defending his action as a way to protect consumers.

The good news for Thai Apple users is that the 'leak' will not affect Apple's plans to sell the iPhone in the country. So it does look as though besides Singapore, Thailand might be another Asian country besides Hong Kong and perhaps China to see the iPhone 6 first. There's some slim hope for Malaysia but it's far likelier that the country will be in the second wave.

Seeing that both models were approved in Thailand, then it's pretty much certain that Apple will be pushing out both the new phone models at the same time. 9 September looks to be the official launch date and we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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