Tether keeps your Mac locked up by using your iPhone

Bluetooth Low Energy standard ensures neither your phone nor your computer's batteries suffer for security

Let's say you leave your Mac behind at work or your office. Maybe you're grabbing a coffee or letting it do some background downloads - how do you keep it locked up in a less annoying manner rather than constantly keying in your password all the time. The makers of the Tether app feel you and have come up with a means to use your iPhone to lock your Mac. Best bit? It doesn't cost you a thing.

No iPhone, no unauthorised unlocking

What you do is that you install Tether on both your Mac and iPhone. Using Bluetooth, the app will detect when your phone is very close to your Mac and then unlock your computer. Stray too far from your Mac and your Mac will automatically lock up.

You’d think this kind of functionality would come with a price tag but FiaFo, the company behind the app was researching other uses for Bluetooth and stumbled on this functionality.

Since the app uses the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy profile, it won’t be too much of a battery drain either.

The following Mac models are supported at present time:

iMac - Late 2012 or newer

MacBook Pro - Mid 2012 or newer

MacBook Air - Mid 2011 or newer

Mac Mini - Mid 2011 or newer

Mac Pro - Late 2013 or newer

If you think you need better Mac security in your life, then just download Tether from the App Store. If you have an Android phone instead, well, tough luck.

[Source: Tether]