Test proves Galaxy Note 4 bends, and that we really like torturing our phones for no reason

First it was blending, now it is bending. Are we secretly projecting our inner sadist onto our phones?
The Galaxy Note 4 bends, proves we really like torturing our phones for no reaso

Thanks to popular demand, Unbox Therapy decided to do more bend testing but this time on the popular Galaxy Note series. While the Galaxy Note 3 managed to (apparently) withstand 150lbs (68kg) of force, the Note 4 didn't prove quite as durable.

In a video, it was seen that the Note 4 also bends, pretty much at the same place the iPhone 6 plus also did in the last bend video. Thus it can be (sketchily) concluded that the Note 4 might have better specs but it might not be as durable as its predecessor.

What next? Will it postpone the apocalypse?

Lewis Hilsenteger, the dude behind the video, says that despite criticism he's not bending phones just for the heck of it. Instead he wants to question why some phones can take more heat than others and why durability isn't a given thing for smartphones.

Hilstenger said,"If no phones ever bend, why can the Note 3 withstand 150 pounds of force, whereas other devices are less than half of that?"

While there is a point somewhere, it's a flawed hypothesis. Of course not all phones are made equal. But, yes, there is a lack of a proper standard of durability in the first place. Before the arrival of Gorilla glass, most people assumed that dropping your expensive phone on its face was a bad idea.

The thing about bending as well is that the test itself is built around someone doing to a phone what no right-minded person would be doing in real life. If you just spent a lot of money on a phone would you be bending it on purpose

We'll just have to wait and see in the next few months if more phones fail the 'put your phone in your pocket and not have it bend' test. Though to be honest, if your phone is really expensive and really large, maybe it shouldn't be in your back (or front, even) pants pocket

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