Tencent Plans To Join The Gaming Smartphone Fray

Asus, Razer, or Xiaomi speculated to be involved in its development

Another contender may be entering the gaming smartphone ring soon. According to chinese tech outlet 36KR (via AndroidAuthority), Tencent plans to release their very own gaming phone with the help of a major phone manufacturer.

The source stated that Tencent’s gaming phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, and would most likely be released as Tencent-branded or dual-branded with a yet unknown manufacturer. Notable candidates for this collaboration includes Asus, Razer, Xiaomi (Black Shark), and Wentai where three of the aforementioned have already launched gaming phones of their own. Wentai is a prominent ODM (original design manufacturer) in China, and should they work with Tencent, it’ll be most likely that the gaming phone would be released as Tencent-branded.

Being a company that’s already releasing a steady number of mobile games in China, it would actually benefit Tencent to have their own gaming phone that houses and promotes their services and games. However, it’s also speculated that the phone may not see a release outside of the country if that is the case, since most of its services or games are not available in Western or European regions.

Aside from the processor, not much is known of the phone’s specifications or features. At least until an official announcement or reveal by Tencent sometime in the near future.